Where can I find you on Social Media?

Our Facebook page is here, you can see photos and videos there. You can also follow us on Instagram @prideboxinguk  

Where is the boxing gym? 

The Jon Durrant Training Studio (inside the Queen Mother Sports Centre) – Vauxhall Bridge Rd, Pimlico, London SW1V 1EL (closest station Victoria)

What is a fighter profile? 

Your unique ‘fighter profile’ is created by our graphic designer here at Head Office! The profile can be shared to friends and family to help support you and raise money for the charity. The fighter profiles are posted on all event pages. Check out the previous profiles on our Facebook page.

How are we matched up? 

Matchups are made by our coaching team throughout the duration of training based on weight, skill level and sparring practises. They are announced at the start of fight week.

How do I get involved? 

It’s easy! Click on the ‘Register’ tab and sign up!

Please check that the event date and training times work for you.

Free training? 

The entire training & promotion is FREE!

We take a non refundable deposit to confirm your commitment. 

Tickets & tables

To attend, guests must purchase either an online ticket, hard copy ticket or reserve a table.

If you would like to book any of our tables please email hello@prideboxing.co.uk 

What equipment is required? 

For training, you will require shorts, t-shirt, 16oz gloves, hand wraps, open-face head guard & mouth guard/gumshield.

In The Jon Durrant Training Studio you can wear either Boxing boots or clean bare feet. Footwear is required for sessions in the studio (indoor shoes only/Boxing boots).

You can borrow 16oz gloves & a head guard so don’t panic if you don’t own these currently, although we do advise for hygiene reasons , you purchase your own.  

How heavy do my gloves need to be?

Gloves for training must weigh 16oz, however on fight night you can warm up in your own gloves. If you would like to fight in your own gloves they must be Ringside or RDX branded to meet our safety standards. 


Head Guards must be open faced, all fighters must wear one for sparring and fighting. You can see examples here.

Groin Guards are required for cis Men and some Trans*, Non-Binary or Gender non-conforming folk –  you will know if you need one.

Chest protectors are also available for those with breasts but are optional. Please ask if you need advice.

What do I need for fight night? 

On the night of your fight a head guard and gloves are provided. You can wear your own open-face head guard but you must wear the gloves we provide to fight in.

You must provide your own towel, mouth guard and hand wraps.

Water is provided however we recommend you bring your own bottle too. 

Who will corner me on the night? 

Either Coach Dave, Coach Masood or one of the coaching team will corner you for the fight. If you have your own Coach, please speak with Jon as soon as you can.

Are there showers at the venue? 

Yes, there are limited shower facilities located backstage for participants at Clapham Grand and the Queen Mother Sports Centre. If your event is being held at a different location please check with the Event Manager before hand.

How much money goes to charity 

All donations via the fundraising pages and on the night will go straight to the charity. So please raise as much as possible!  

If I am away for some of the core sessions am I still able to take part? 

If you are new to boxing we recommend that you attend as many core sessions as possible. However missing a few will not stop you from participating.

Attend as many of the extra bonus classes as you can to catch up or to simply increase your skill level.  

Can I train at other gyms? 

If you wish to attend other gyms and train with your own personal trainer that is fine. However, we will need to see you at all sparring sessions and for you to attend as many core sessions as possible. This way we can match you up fairly. 

What if I’m part of a Corporate organisation or charity and want to have my own personal boxing event? 

Amazing! We have a great Corporate package for organisations looking to have their own boxing event (this can be with or without supporting a charity).

If you are a charity who would like to raise money please get in touch.

There are no expenses for the charity and all proceeds raised go directly to your cause.  

Upcoming events

Please visit our home page for our most recent training dates and event dates. 

Core training times 

Please email hello@prideboxing.co.uk  

Do I need boxing insurance? 

No, however if you would like to take out boxing insurance, we recommend SportsCover Direct.  

More questions? 

If your question is not covered here please email hello@prideboxing.co.uk